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Monday, November 19, 2007

TURF Press Conference to file injunction to stop vote

Terri Hall (photo)
TURF Founder & Executive Director

TURF filed a petition for a hearing seeking an injunction against the San Antonio Metropolitan Planning Organization (SAMPO) in U.S. Federal District Court in Bexar County.

In what could change the way toll roads are decided and approved in Bexar County, TURF filed the lawsuit to put the power over transportation decisions back in the hands of the People. December 3rd, SAMPO is set to vote to approve the financial terms (toll rates and rate increases) for the US 281 toll project as well as to shift yet more tax money to building toll lanes on Existing corridors, amounting to a Triple Tax.

TURF’s lawsuit against the SAMPO was originally filed on October 22 and TURF is now seeking an injunction as the next step in that lawsuit to force the unconstitutional composition of SAMPO to be re-configured to have only elected officials with voting powers. This lawsuit cuts to the heart of how toll roads are approved.

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