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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dark Horse Gov. Mike Huckabee surges in Iowa

Gov. Mike Huckabee's remarkable surge in Iowa. (8% in July vs. 24% today) Contrast that with Romney's poll numbers over the same period of time. (26% in July vs. 28% today)

Mike Huckabee (photo)
Republican Presidential candidate
Former Arkansas Governor

Huckabee's surge is even more remarkable considering he has done it with almost no money and no organization in Iowa, while Romney has been spending millions there.

And according to USA Today, not only is Huckabee's support exploding, but it is also a "stronger" type of support than the other candidates are enjoying.

Huckabee is winning with his message and his ideas. Romney is just trying to buy a win. Iowans are far too politically astute to let that happen.

Editor's Note: Info taken from Mike Huckabee website.

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