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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

City Council considering approving digital billboards

Patti Radle (photo)
Former Councilwoman

Are you aware that the City Council is considering passing an ordinance to allow very large digital billboard signs in our city. These are like the on-premise signs you see at some of the businesses but now they want to start putting them along our highways and major thorough-fares. There seems that there are not enough votes on council to defeat these signs.

If the ordinance passes,there is some chance that this ordinance will weaken the ordinance we past several years ago to protect certain scenic corridors. Some Council members argue that for each digital sign going up, the developer will have to take down four signs of equal square footage. These signs, besides being an ugly obstruction to scenic view, are believed to be dangerous because of their distraction to drivers.

Over 700 cities have now past ordinances against any new billboards. This has resulted in an overall drastic reduction of signs, even of the formerly standing signs. There is a subcommittee meeting this Wednesday to discuss this ordinance and move it ahead to council.

Councilwoman Sheila McNeil chairs this committee. I am hoping you will express your opposition to these signs to your city council rep. E-mails and phone calls do work. They are not hearing enough from the public because it seems the public is not very aware that this is happening.

Patti Radle
Former Councilwoman

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