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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Uresti questions Health Science Center's neutrality

Albert Uresti (photo)
Congressional District 23 candidate

By Albert Uresti's staff

Yesterday marked the first day for early voting in Bexar County and Texas. Yesterday was the first time numerous individuals received The Vanguard, The University of Texas Health Science Center’s brand-new publication.

UTHSC President Francisco Cigarroa, M.D. announces, “Now we are pleased to bring you The Vanguard, a special supplement to The Mission."

Unlike The Mission, The Vanguard has two large pictures of Dr. Cigarroa affiliating with politicians. Subtly or not, Dr. Cigarroa and Henry Bonilla, Republican congressman campaigning for Congressional District 23, share smiles and a handshake on the front cover.

Between their gregarious smiles is a large sign with the seal of UTHSC stating, “Thank You, Congressman Bonilla.” Apparently, the next Congress is “expected to fund this $500,000 that Congressman Bonilla has earmarked for the Health Science Center.

Those funds have never been disbursed to or received by the UTHSC. The Vanguard praises Bonilla for funds that have not been distributed to or received by UTHSC.

"This publication is a thinly veiled attempt to disguise The Vanguard’s endorsement of Republican candidates,” states Albert Uresti, candidate for Congressional District 23.

Uresti further comments, “Seven politicians are featured in The Vanguard. Only four of those featured are up for election: Rick Perry, Henry Bonilla, Kay Bailey Hutchison and Lamar Smith. All are Republicans. Is that coincidence? I think not.”

“This is an example of a non-profit organization potentially crossing the line into political endorsement and influencing public opinion,” claims Uresti.

The IRS may revoke the organization’s exempt status if any amount of political activity is conducted. Entities must also take care in trying to influence public opinion.

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Anonymous said...

I have one question, why is Mr. Uresti posting written by staff. I guess he doen't have what it takes for him to do his own writings.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't have to write anything now that they have compared him and his brothers to the Kennedy family! This was in an ad in today's (Oct 26) Southside Reporter (page 7).

How arrogant of them to make that comparison. None except Carlos has done anything in an elected position to distinguish themselves.

Let us hope that the people are not as foolish to think that one brother's traits will be the same as the others. Neither Albert nor Thomas is Carlos!