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Monday, October 30, 2006

GOTV Phone Bank is active

Glen Maxey (photo)
Statewide Coordinator

Anyone wishing to make calls for Chris Bell, or any statewide, district or local candidate can do so NOW.

The problem: Few people know about it. Do you have a volunteer list? An email newsletter list? It's time to send them an email and tell them about this exciting new tool available in EVERY precinct in Texas .

Go to:

Click on the link in the golden box, pick a candidate, pick a precinct, and begin making Get Out the Vote Calls! By following the links, you can pick the candidate, and the precinct to make GOTV calls.

Please check and see if your local candidates are listed. If not, send us a simple list of the office sought, Democratic Candidate name, Republican Candidate name. We'll get them added! Any person with a computer and a phone can make calls using this system. If we turn out the Democrats and other targeted voters listed, Democrats will win.

This is how we win elections: Getting Out the Vote!

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