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Friday, October 20, 2006

A message from former candidate Rick Bolanos

Rick Bolanos (photo)
Former Congressional candidate

My Dearest Friends,

We have shared so many emotions during this campaign and I have been blessed by your loyalty and fidelity throughout my campaign. I am so absolutely proud that you have been willing to dedicate your time to our nation, this district, our community and most of all to me.

We have shared the same passion for a nation that we so love and we have worked hard to try to change the course of human events in the United States. I have reluctantly decided to leave the race to give an opportunity to our nation to elect a Democrat that will have the same passion as we, and someone that has the financial resources to compete with the war chest of Henry Bonilla.

That is why I am going to make an impassioned plea to you to help me support Lukin Gilliland in his effort to unseat Mr. Bonilla.

Lukin has worked tirelessly for our nation, our Party, and for us. Please help me to support this great American and let's get behind him with all of the same fervor, and all of the same enthusiasm you have shown our campaign. God Bless you my friends and let's help Lukin save our nation.

Rick Bolanos

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