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Friday, May 22, 2009

UN declares June 29th World Refugee Day-locals to meet

Narjis Pierre (photo)

The UN has declared June 20th to be World Refugee Day, and there are events going on throughout the world to this effect.
Our plan for San Antonio is to have time and space for San Antonians to meet refugees who have come here from their respective international places.

To allow a program with ad hoc performances presented by the refugee communities who can sing, act, recite a poem, dance, play music with a unique instrument, tell jokes from their folk stories...this is open to creativity and offerings.Languages may not be understood by everyone, but the effort and the love exhibited will speak to each of our hearts, for sure.

We will have tables representing countries and the refugees will work on displays to introduce their country to the visitors. Everyone will be encouraged to wear their ethnic clothing.Most importantly is the coming together of potential local buisness owners with potential workers: getting the refugee individual into economic independence is the most urgent need, and through this short meeting it is hoped, awareness and networks be created for work and job searches.

As an organization or an individual, you are asked to distribute the attached flyer, and encourage your people networks to make an effort to visit with us in this short moment.If you'd like to 'host' a table or otherwise volunteer please contact e-mail addresses below.
Linda ( & narjis (

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