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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

District 2 candidate Dan Martinez endorses Byron Miller

Dan Martinez (photo) Endorses Byron Miller (photo) In District 2 Runoff
Martinez Says Miller Clear Choice To Carry Through Eastern Triangle Community Development

Dan Martinez, the third place finisher in the May 9th District 2 city council race endorsed Byron Miller for the District 2 seat on the steps steps of the City Hall Offices.

Martinez, who earned the votes of nearly 1 in 5 voters prior to the runoff, has developed tremendous street credibility among voters for his leadership over the last two and half years as he has helped lead 14 neighborhood associations in a new community plan designed to spur economic development and lay the groundwork for a civilian hospital in district 2, called the “Eastern Triangle”. Martinez has also distinguished himself as a leader in the East San Antonio Crime Coalition.

Martinez stated, “Byron has a track record working on economic development his opponent doesn’t have and we need someone who doesn’t need an orientation to our needs but can hit the ground running, fight for the resources our community deserves, and understands how critical it is to maintain the integrity of our neighborhoods so that we can spur economic development in our commercial corridors and finally ensure that the East side gets a hospital and the medical jobs that go with it. ”

He continued, “We can trust Byron cares about development of the Eastern Triangle area because he has worked for economic development his entire life, not just when it was convenient at election time. His service goes back almost 30 years when he worked at the East side Economic Development Council and he has the networks and experience we need to attract community oriented development.”

Byron Miller thanked Martinez for his endorsement stating, “Dan’s endorsement is one of the most important of the runoff and I am honored to have his support.”

Miller continued, “I look forward to not only translating this endorsement into runoff success, but more importantly honoring this endorsement by working to keep our neighborhoods safe, attract new investment to the district, and help Dan and the residents improve the image of this area as a fantastic place to live, work, and play.”

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