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Tuesday, May 12, 2009 receives a 2009 LoneStar Emmy nomination (photo)

Back in the 90's I started a blog... didn't know much about that back then, but as times changed and our traditional media opportunities, coverage and jobs seem to shrink, one thing has remained constant... the ability for us all to use the internet to pretty much do what you want to do...

I chose to tell stories in the public's interest, and kept my craft and journalism work alive regardless of the times and economic challenges.

Today I'm happy to share that "My Reporter's NotePad" has received a 2009 LoneStar Emmy Nomination for Advance Media Awards, in the category of Breaking News "Hurricane Ike" - Winners to be announced May 21:

The stories were only intended for my blog, but eventually found it's way to other outlets including, CNN and CNN iReport, Current TV and PBS Docubloggers. And viral sites like YouTube where some gather over 50,000 page views. But this nomination goes far beyond this reporter's humble blog.

It is in fact, I believe, a testament to what a Journalist can do with today's ready available digital tools. It is a sign of the times we live in, and I'm just happy to be part of it. Muchas gracias a mi queridos padres, my wife Bernessa who has held my camera often times when I could only hold on to 4 things with one hand, and my brother Pablo for his constant support and advice.

Thank you friends and colleagues,

Patricio Espinoza

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