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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hispanic Chamber to be in Austin for Tejano Statue ceremony

Governor Rick Perry (photo)

Hispanic Chamber to be in Austin for the Tejano Statue bill signing ceremony

The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce will be in attendance at a signing ceremony with the Honorable Governor Rick Perry, in support of HB 4114, to place a Tejano Monument on the historic south lawn of the Capitol, recognizing the importance of this project to the Tejano community.

The signing will take place at 10:45 a.m. on Fri., May 29th in the Governor's Reception Room (S2.11). The Tejano Monument Committee will hold a press conference at the site, the southeast corner of the front lawn immediately after the signing.

Placing the Tejano Monument on the Texas Capitol grounds will establish an enduring legacy that acknowledges and pays tribute to the contributions by Tejanos as permanent testimony of the Spanish-Mexican heritage that has influenced and is inherent in present-day Texas culture.

The Hispanic Chamber has been working for the last few years as a strong advocate for Tejanos, and particularly to bring this project to fruition in our State’s Capitol. “The contributions that Tejanos made for our country often times go unrecognized, but this is one of many steps that are currently being taken to make sure that they too are at the forefront of our history books,” said Rolando B. Pablos, Chairman of the Board of the Hispanic Chamber.

The Hispanic Chamber encourages all Tejano Monument supporters to attend the press conference and show your continued support for the Tejano Monument, and will be in attendance as well.

Adriana R. GarcĂ­a
Vice President of Communications
San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
318 W. Houston, Ste. 300
San Antonio, Texas 78205
210-225-0462, ext. 208
210-225-2485 (fax)

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