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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chris Forbrich responds to the possible sale of La Villita

Chris Forbrich (photo)
District 1 Council candidate

I have heard from so many friends and supporters in the community regarding the article in today's San Antonio Express-News on Councilwoman Mary Alice Cisneros' proposed sale of La Villita and Market Square.

I believe it is wrong to even consider selling important landmarks like La Villita and Market Square. These icons are at the very foundation of what makes San Antonio unique and have been at the heart of our city since before it was founded. As the next Councilman for District 1, I am committed to acting in the best interests of all the residents of the District and San Antonio.

Helping small businesses work together with city entities will be paramount to my efforts to bring about change. Transparency, accessibility and accountability are attributes that are essential for any elected official and I pledge that those attributes will be at the heart of my efforts on your behalf.

I will approach these efforts with a transparency that was so clearly lacking in this kind of closed door deal making. Our culture and history are not for sale and I feel very strongly no decision of this importance should be entertained with out input from businesses, community and civic leaders and most importantly our neighbors.

Thank you for your continued support for a New Day for District 1!


Chris Forbrich

for San Antonio City Council District 1

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