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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Commentary on Texas Supreme Court Justice Wainwright

Justice Dale Wainwright (photo)
Texas Supreme Court Justice

Commentary by Joe Solis/Director/South Texas Republicans

The truth about Texas Supreme Court Justice Dale Wainwright is simple. Texas has one of the finest jurists in the nation and we need to do a better job promoting this fact.

Okay, what is the purpose of this headline story?Who cares if Justice Dale Wainwright is a good man? You should. Every Texan should care.

Conservatives, Republicans and Independents are flustered about assorted state and national issues right now. Perk up folks. Let us not forget our silent leaders. It is time to celebrate and raise them up right now. That is why I am focusing on Justice Dale Wainwright.

Think about this. The Republican Party of Texas has one of the most charismatic, intelligent and dynamic black jurists in the entire nation. Yes, he is in our club. (If that wasn't good enough, our Chief Justice is another majestic black man who is widely admired throughout this state and nation.)

Why aren't we telling the world we have such amazing talent in our party? Why aren't we doing a better job celebrating the fact that these individuals have risen fabulously in our party? We are cultivating and electing these talented men and women now.

Let the liberals show us their record at this level in government. Let me close by backing up my initial statement about Justice Dale Wainwright.

What makes him so good? That is an easy one. It is grace wrapped about core that is focused on duty. It is authentic devotion to interpreting the law according to the Constitution and not making law based on a personal political agenda or mandate.

"The judge's job is to apply and interpret the law," he said. "Judges who decide to follow their own political agendas may violate the statutes, which are written by the elected legislature and governor, and represent the will of the people.

There are things in statues that I personally may not agree with, but it is not my job to write or rewrite the statutes. I think it is very important to apply the law fairly and consistently as written. That's the kind of judge I am." Justice Dale Wainwright (Source: State Bar of Texas)

I'm also talking about duty to God, family and country. This passion to serve the public, in my opinion, is a sacrifice. (The private sector pays more for his kind of talent) A good man like Justice Dale Wainwright embraces all Texans: Republicans, Democrats and Independents. (He proudly addresses groups ranging from the Republican Party of Texas to the NAACP on the beauty of the law. The man is passionate about his work and it shows.)

It is not about party and it is not about partisan politics with this man. Justice Dale Wainwright is up for re-election in 2008. All Texans should sit and count our blessings. A good man needs your support next year. Yes, it is time to celebrate. Now and forever.

Joe Solis

South Texas Republicans Newsletter

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