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Sunday, April 22, 2007

3 Senators + 4 Congressman=major fundraiser

L-R: New York Senior Senator Charles Schumer, Colorado Senator Ken Salazar, New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez, Texas Democratic Party Chair Boyd Richie, Bexar County Democratic Party Chair Carla Vela, Congressman Nick Lamson, Congressman Ciro Rodriguez, Councilman Chip Hass, Councilwoman Delicia Herrera, Commissioner Tommy Adkisson, State Rep. Joaquin Castro, State Rep. Jose Menendez, Congressman Charlie Gonzalez & wife, State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, State Rep. Richard Raymond, Christian Archer, Corpus District Judge Sandy Watts & son Mike Watts, host & hostess Mike Watts & wife, Tammy

Three United States Senators and four Congressmen, plus local and Corpus Christi elected officials, VIPs & Democratic grass root activists congregated at local attorney Mike Watts house in the Dominion, Saturday, April 21st to raise money for the Senatorial campaigns in 2008.

New York Senator Charles Schumer pointed out to the enthusiastic crowd that 21 incumbent Republican Senators were being targeted in their re-election bids in 2008.

"It is time we take back our country and care for those who have been ignored for the past six years by this administration," he noted.

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