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Friday, August 04, 2006 a new site to aid Democrats

Chris Bell (photo)

By Chris Bell
Candidate for Texas Governor

We helped build this new site in coordination with Democratic campaigns from all across the state, and I want to thank my field director, Glen Maxey, for spearheading this effort.

The online tools at will help Democrats up and down the ballot by identifying and activating our voters and giving campaigns the information they need to get out the vote in November.

Here are the tools this site offers:

Online Phone Banking - Now you can join the 2006 Democratic Census, a massive voter ID effort, with nothing more than a phone and a computer.

Voter Lookup - See if your friends are registered, and which districts they are in.

Vote By Mail - Help your elderly or disabled neighbors apply to vote by mail.

Blockwalking lists - Print blockwalking lists for your precincts complete with voter history.

New Voter Network - Register new voters and capture their data so that Democratic campaigns can reach out to them before Election Day.

There will be more tools added soon to allow activists to set up their own networks of friends, targeted voters, and volunteers. And when November rolls around, all of the data we've collected will go towards fueling the largest coordinated GOTV phone bank in Texas Democratic history.

Visit our website to learn more and sign up:

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