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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Larry Romo speaks to Democrats in Berlin

Larry Romo (photo)
Chair of the Texas Demvets

I spoke on Monday night to the "Democrats Abroad Berlin" at the Hackescher Hof Cafe in Berlin, Germany.

The "Democrats Abroad Berlin" have over 900 Americans on their mailing list. We discussed "How to Win the Military Vote" with the veterans, military and family members located in Germany. We came up with creative ideas to get more of this voting block to support our Democratic candidates in the United States.

I pointed out that with very close elections predicted in some parts of the country it is imperative that we get a larger share of the absentee vote from abroad to vote for Democrats.

I mentioned that absentee votes could make a difference in a race such as with what happened with Judge Oscar Kazen and Laura Salinas in the past Democratic primary.

I suggested to the group the idea to create an official position of Veterans Coordinator for the Berlin Group and for all of Germany. This would, establish a thoroughly positive relationship with the VFW located in Berlin and allow members to place some advertising at the small Post Exchange for military members in Berlin to promote the Berlin Democratic group and our candidates.

Another idea we discussed was to put detailed information for veterans on their established website. There is also a main German Post Office that most of the veterans located in Berlin receive their mail where they could pass out flyers.

"The Democrats Abroad Berlin" host a Labor Day picnic and invite veterans and any family members from the Berlin area that want to attend. I promised to email the Texas Democratic Veterans, "10 Points, How to Win the Military Vote" informational sheet to the "Democrats Abroad Berlin."

We also dicusssed other races such as Barbara Radnofsky, Rick Bolanos, Mary Beth Harrell. I provided them with many web addresses, campaign and informational, that will give current information to them such as the very enlightning website.

My last suggestion to them was to ask them to consider making the "Democrats Abroad Berlin" the John F. Kennedy Chapter due to his "Ich bin ein Berliner" ("I am a citizen of Berlin") famous quotation from his June 26, 1963 speech.

The meeting was a success.

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