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Monday, August 28, 2006

Bell rises in polls, Perry & Strayhorn plummet

Chris Bell (photo)
Candidate for Governor

Latest Zogby poll has Perry and Strayhorn plummeting, Bell in second, Friedman in third and Strayhorn dragging in last.

Online nature of poll raises questions but gives life to Bell's Campaign.

Although its methodology is among the most questionable of the national pollsters watching Texas' elections, the Wall Street Journal/Zogby Poll has some startling results.

According to WSJ/Zogby, Governor Perry's lead has dropped to 34.8%.
The biggest beneficiary is Democrat Chris Bell who has surged into second place at 23.1%.

"All we need to beat Rick Perry is 35%, and the way Rick Perry is dropping and Chris Bell is rising, it's clear that the only realistic way to get a new governor is to get behind Chris Bell," said Bell campaign spokesperson Heather Guntert.

Independent Kinky Friedman is in third with 22.7%.

The stunner in the poll has Carole Strayhorn down to single digits with 9.6%

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