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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Maxey presents TrueActionBlue to pct. chairs

Glen Maxey (Photo)
Presenter of TrueActionBlue

Over 70 precinct chairs attended the monthly County Executive Committee (CEC) at the Amalgamated Transit Union Hall (ATU) at 1901 N. Flores, Tuesday, August 8th.

After a seminar presented by former State Rep. Glen Maxey, on the usefulness and diversity of the program, TrueActionBlue.Com, numerous attendees waited til after the CEC finished conducting business to ask more questions about the program.

Maxey previously presented the same seminar at a Bexar County Democratic Steering Committee some weeks earlier at Grady's Bar-B-Q on San Pedro. Maxey pointed out that technology was the wave of the future and "we might as well take full advantge of it before the Republicans get ahold of it."

Pct. Chair John McConnell, one of the handful of Democrats who attended both seminars said, "Glen Maxey, gave a good presentation both times which is useful to all of us."

Maxey pointed out that "with a website and a phone, you can do phone banking from anywhere around the state or out of state if someone doesn't mind running up their long distance charges."

In other business, the CEC passed continuing rules for the Party to adhere to and follow. After some discussion and questions by John McConnell, who made a motion to table the rules for another CEC meeting, a short but heated debate ensued. The motion drew strong opposition and was easily defeated in favor of passing the continuing rules as rewritten.

The seminar to assist candidates get out their message drew a number of elected officials and candidates.

Elected Officials included: Justice Alma Lopez, Judges David Rodriguez & Al Alonzo; Margaret Montemayor, District Clerk; Le Lowry, Rep. for the Poor; Steve Walker, Balcones Heights Councilman; Connie De Luna, DLC Chair; Ian Staus, Northeast Chair; and Charlie Jones, Tejano Chair.

Also attending were: Vincent Garcia, Deputy Chair Pct. 4; Rick Puente, Deputy Chair Pct. 1; Chris Garcia, Young Democrats President; SDEC committee members, Zada True Courage, Mynor Rodriguez and Madeleine Dewar, 25, 26, and 26; respectively.

Judicial candidates included: Gloria Saldana, Barbara Scharf-Zeldes, Carlton Spears, Catherine Torres-Stahl, Ray Olivarri, Peter Sakai, and Ina Castillo. State Rep. candidate Larry Stallings, Congressional candidate John Courage also attended.

Congressional candidate John Courage challenged all elected officials to donate one thousand dollars to the Party. Before the meeting was over, Courage turned over a check for one thousand dollars.


Anonymous said...

As I said before, this is a good article.

But -- as the Editor you must be more careful about punctuation. For example, although Margaret Montemayor may be an "Advocate for the Poor", I don't believe that Le Lowry is the Councilman from Balcones Heights!

The Democrat said...

So mister or miss punctuation person, where are you going on this?
How did you figure that Margaret is a rep for the poor and Le is a Balcones Heights Councilman?
The person's name came first followed by ; and then their title and , and on to the next one.
At least you are taking the time to read the article. This is good. Perhaps you might consider writing an article and sending it to me and we will check it for punctuation.

John McConnell said...

What does "comment moderation" mean? Is it the same as censorship? If that is the case, this page is not worthy of the Democratic Party.

The Democrat said...

Think of comment moderation in the context of Robert's Rules.If the Chair does not recognize you to speak, then you have been moderated. Censorship is such an ugly word!