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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from Congressman -Elect Gallego

Over the years, I have celebrated many Thanksgivings with my family in different places: Alpine. Austin. El Paso. Laredo. Each Thanksgiving has been unique, but none more so than this one. This Thanksgiving, we will spend part of our day in San Antonio serving food to others - in recognition of and thanks for the trust given me by the people in the 23rd District.

Like most of us, I have sometimes allowed myself to dream and to think about what it would be like to win the lottery.

God has been gracious to me. This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for winning a lottery - for the fourth time. I won once when I met and married a phenomenal woman. I won again when we became the parents of an amazing son. I won when my neighbors elected me to the Texas House. And now, another win - a dream come true - an opportunity to serve our region in the U.S. Congress.

You can see why this Thanksgiving means so much to my family and to me. And, even now, I am working on how I can continue to use my win to make the world a better place for both our children and our parents, for our veterans and their families, for small businesses who are the backbone of our economy, and for the middle class as a whole.

It is a huge challenge, but I relish this opportunity. Now, in this land known as America, our work together begins so that other families - other parents, other kids, other entrepreneurs - can create their own opportunities and live their own dreams, too.

You have placed in me a great trust. From my family to yours, ¡muchísimas gracias! May you have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving.

- Pete P. Gallego

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