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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Beauty & the Beast playing from Apr. 26th-May 31st

Steven Stoli (photo)
Steven Stoli Playhouse

"Beauty & the Beast," an interactive show that the kids get to play many parts

April 26th – May 31st
Adapted and Directed by
Paula Jo Peterson

This kid-friendly version of the timeless, 500-year old children’s story follows a young and curious princess named Beauty (played by young girls from the audience) as she stumbles upon an enchanted castle. The castle once belonged to the dashing Prince Debonair, who had disappeared one dark and stormy night, almost ten years before.

Legion has it that the enchanted castle is the hiding place of a creature known only as, The Beast. No one suspects that beneath that exterior beats the lovesick heart of the missing Prince. Children of all ages get to play flowers, butterflies, birds, puppets, etc.

Even Bosko the BackYard Pup will be part of the castle family. Wear your crowns and we’ll have a Ball!

Steven Stoli’s BackYard Theatre presents "Beauty & the Beast," Wednesday & Thursdays @ 10 a.m., saturday @ 11 a.m., Saturday. april 26th -May 31st @ 11838 Wurzbach @ Lockhill-Selma.


Kids (1+) ……….…. $6.75
Adults ………………$6.25
Groups (10+ kids) … $6.25
Tax Exempt ………. $5.75

For more information, please call (210) 408-0116

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