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Monday, July 23, 2007

South Texas Republicans Newsletter is back

Joe Solis (photo)
South Texas Republicans Newsletter

The South Texas Republican Newsletter is back (new issue out today) after a four month hiatus with a new look, logo, content and contributing writers. Editor & Publisher Joe Solis says he hopes viewers will like the new design which will streamline the weekly internet newsletter. He points out that the focus will be to continue to reflect Republican conservative views and values.

Previous contributors Toll Road Party spokeswoman Terri Hall, Enterpeneurial Conservative Institute Professor John Merrifeld and the political gossip column "Republicrat" are back. Solis has added an additional writer for a spin off of the "Republicrat" called the "Judicial Republicrat" focusing on Judges each week.

Once Solis provides a link to his newsletter, the Walker Report will publish the link each week for viewers who wish to read South Texas Republicans to get a conservative take on politics.

Those wishing to get on the South Texas Republican e-mail list should e-mail Joe Solis

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