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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Poetry & Potluck in the Round coming Sept. 15th

L-R: Artwork at Sculptures Dominion on Vance Jackson

Poetry & Potluck in the Round will be held Saturday, September 15th from 5-9 p.m. at Sculptures Dominion, 11356 Vance Jackson.

People are encouraged to bring a food dish to share, an appetite for poetry and enjoy open mike and Art in the Park. Part of the event revolves around a contest where 10 selected poets will participate in a poetry contest.

Those interested: send an email with a brief bio to: or (4-5 sentences) and a poem that expresses your passion for art or your connection to any kind of art.

To be considered, you must send in your bios and poem by August 20th. 10 contestants will participate in the contest at the Scultures Dominion. Contestants will have a limited time to write their poem, polish it and come to the mike to share it.

The whole idea is to try to connect to the collective unconscious and allow it (the process) to happen.

This is perhaps a different way of writing a poem.

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