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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Supporters turn out for candidate Elva Abundis-Esparza, 2-16

L-R: Bexar County Clerk caniddate Elva Abundis-Esparza with Walker Report Publisher Linda Hartman Walker, with Verna Blackwell Hilario, with Veronica Gonzalez Vasquez, & husband, Raymongd Esparza, Rosie Castro, DA candidate Therese Huntzinger, Bexar County District candidate Clerk Elva Abundia-Esparza with Verna Blackwell-Hilario & Veronica Gonzalez-Vasquez, Madeleine Dewar, Lila Aguirre, judicial candidate Stephanie Boyd, Debra Spence, Miguel Castro, Ernest Castro, Gina Montemayor, Jaime Lewis, Judge Barbara Nellermoe, Liz Bass, Verna Blackwell-Hilario, former Bexar County Clerk Margaret Montemayor, Mary Ann Ramos, judicial candidates Laura Flores Malcom, Pamela Gabriel Craig, Michelle Petty, & Brenda Wenstein, Mercy Cortez, former Councilwoman Lourdes Galvan & Walker Report Publisher Linda Hartman Walker, Jerry Olivarri, Dwight Morris, Angie Garcia & grand daughter Stacy, finger foods, supporters, hats, table, signs, Absolutely Everything Catering on San Pedro

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