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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Bexar County Young Dems endorse candidates for Primary, 2-8

If you were at Saturday's endorsement forum, you know we had some great Democrats and some great pizza. It's always a good sign to have strong candidates running at every level of the ballot, and we can't wait to see them sweep in November. Thank you to everyone who joined us Saturday as a candidate, a Young Democrat, or a community member. Now's the time to get involved and make sure we see a Blue November.

With that said, the Bexar County Young Democrats proudly endorse the following candidates on the 2014 Democratic Party Primary Election ballot:

Wendy R. Davis for Governor
Hugh A. Fitzsimons for Agriculture Commissioner
John Bustamante for District Judge, 45th Judicial District
Edna Elizondo for District Judge, 150th Judicial District
Mary T. Green for District Judge, 186th Judicial District
Stephanie R. Boyd for District Judge, 187th Judicial District
Michele Petty for District Judge, 224th Judicial District
Nelson W. Wolff for County Judge
Tina Torres for Judge, County Court at Law No. 10
Barbara “Barbie” Scharf-Zeldes for Judge, County Probate Court No. 1
Elva Abundis-Esparza for District Clerk
Christopher Michael Forbrich for County Clerk
Paul Elizondo for County Commissioner, Precinct No. 2

It was a pleasure to hear from the many great candidates running this year, and we wish you all luck. Regardless of who wins the primary, we support all the candidates in our united Democratic family.


The Bexar County Young Democrats

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