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Friday, February 21, 2014

BC Tejano & Young Tejano Democrats Primary Endorsements

Bexar County Tejano and Young Tejano Democrats Endorsements:

United States Senator: Dr David Alameel 
Governor: Wendy Davis
Lieutenant Governor: Leticia Van de Putte
State Representative, District 125: Justin Rodriguez
Chief Justice, 4th Court of Appeals: Irene Rios
Criminal District Attorney: Therese Huntzinger
Civil District Judge, 150th: Edna Elizondo
Criminal District Judge, 186th: Mary Green
Civil District Judge, 45th: John M. Bustamante
Civil District Judge, 224th: Michele Petty
Criminal District Judge, 290th: Jennifer Pena
Judge, County Court at Law No. 6: Rochelle M. Acevedo
Judge, County Court at Law No. 7: Michael De Leon
Judge, County Court at Law No. 10: Tina Torres
Judge, County Court at Law No. 13: Rosie Gonzalez
Judge, County Court at Law No. 15: Michael T. LaHood
Judge, Probate Court No. 1: Pamela Gabriel Craig
Bexar County Clerk: Allen Castro
County Commissioner, Precinct 4: Tommy Calvert
County Chair, BCDP: Manuel Medina
*District Clerk: Mary Angie Garcia

(Bexar County Tejano Democrats took a 'No Endorsement' vote on the race for District Clerk, and will not endorse a candidate for the 2014 Democratic Primary)

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