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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nat'l Left-Handed Day!!!!!! To all us Lefties, Come August 13th

Let's do a pre-celebration for the upcoming National Left-Handed Day August 13th of this year. Better still let's celebrate being left handed every day!!!!

All the left handed compliments?
How about being left out?
Being out in left field?
Being left behind?

Famous lefties include three of the last four Presidents to include George Walker Bush, Bill Clinton & Barack Obama. Other Presidents include: Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, James Garfield, & Herbert Hoover. Then there is Bill Gates, Madam Marie Curie, Beatles Paul McCarty, Leonardo Da Vinci, actresses Greta Garbo, Drew Barrymore, Kim Bassinger & Judy Garland. Also Alexander the Great, Dr. Martin L. King Jr., Napoleon, Gandhi, England's Prince William, England's Queen Victoria. And Senators Rand Paul & John McCain, former Secretary of Defense Gen. Colin Powell, former Senator Bob Dole, & Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro.

Handedness is the preferred use of one’s hand and five types of handedness are generally recognized, including: right handed, left handed, mixed handed, ambidextrous and ambisinisterous.

It is generally accepted that about 10% of the global population is left handed, with right handedness being the most dominant and ambidexterity being the least prevalent type. The ambidextrous people can use both of their hands with equal dexterity, while the ambisinisterous cannot skillfully use either of their hands.

It has been scientifically concluded that if both the parents are left handed, there is a 26% chance of the offspring being left handed. Left handed people are usually known as lefties, but are sometimes called southpaws. Left handedness is considered to be on the rise, particularly when it comes to the U.S. Presidents. Left handedness is comparatively more prevalent in males.

An international left hander’s club was founded in 1990 and it observes the Lefthanders Day on August 13th each year. In many cultures right handedness is the preferred mode of using hands.

Use of the right hand is given a special importance in Islam and it is at time very difficult for the left handed children to always eat or write with right hand. Left handed people excel in speech and its related functions.

It is opined that they are good at logic and rhetoric; therefore, they are better debaters and constitute better candidates for U.S. Presidency.
Lefthandedness & Intelligence

Some researchers claim that we (me too) are more intelligent and eloquent that our right-handed counterparts. In tests conducted by Dr. Alan Searleman from St Lawrence University in New York, he found that left-handers can be considerably more intellectually gifted.
There were more left-handed people with IQs over 140 than right-handed people - which is the "genius" bracket. This is perhaps why there are more "lefties" in creative professions - such as music, art and writing - and more left-handed astronauts and leaders than would be expected.

Editor's Note: Leftie (Southpaw) Walker Report Editor & former Judge Steve Walker taught high school & middle school public speaking and well as worked as a radio news reporter and a TV news reporter. Who knew?

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