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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Various candidates show up for event @ Estella's, 5-22

Congressman Lloyd Doggett with Charlie Jones
Event Host Luis Vera

Dr. Libby Doggett with Judge Steve Walker & husband,
Congressman Lloyd Doggett
L-R: Connie Rodriguez, Bob Comeaux, Claudia Sanchez, HISD Board Member Jay Alaniz, Sheroff candidate Andy Lopez, Adrian Flores, Judge Mary Roman, Roberto Rodriguez, Luis Vera, Sylvia Don & Janeth Medina, Anthony Tobias, Dawn Larrios,  former Judge Karen Crouch, Angie Cadena, Tax Assessor Collector candidate Albert Uresti, former HISD Board Member Gracie Acuna, Joann Ramon & grandson, judicial candidate David Canales, former LULAC Nat'l President Rosa Rosales, judicial candidate Nicole Elizalde Henning, Judge Ron Rangel, John Shanks, George Alejos, La Prensa Publisher Tino Duran, Judge Monica Caballero, Congressional candidate & Tax Assessor Collector Sylvia Romo, Congressman Lloyd Doggett with La Prensa Publishr Tino Duran, Mercy Cortez, Charlie Jones with Judge Monica Caballero, former Miss San Antonio, Congressman Lloyd Doggett with wife, Dr. Libby Doggett, judicial candidate David Trowler with Dawn Larrios, Bexar County Democratic party Chair candidate Manuel Medina

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