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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Local Dems turn out to encourage Democrats to vote, 5-22

La Prensa Publisher Tino Duran & Bex. County Dem. Party Chair cand. Manuel Medina

Supporter & Bexar County Democratic Party Chair
candidate Manuel Medina
Bexar County Democratic Party Chair candidate Manuel Medina supporters turned out in numbers @ Estella's Restaurant, May 22nd @ a rally to encourage Democratic voters to early vote.

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Luis Roberto Vera, Jr. said...

Judge Walker with all due respect you were present and know that this event was not Manuel Medina's. The headliner was Lloyd Doggett and all candidate who showed up were featured and spoke, including Sylvia Romo. I was the sponsor of the event and no one pakid or donated anything for this event except me for the voters and to help put some fire in the activist of our party. Thank you for being there along with many good democrats including Manuel Medina and his supporters. Choco Mezs also had many supporters there, but due to scheduling conflict Choco was unable to attend.