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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Justin Rodriguez endorsed by the San Antonio Express-News

As we enter the home stretch, the momentum continues in our favor. We received word of two additional endorsements this week... 

 The San Antonio Express News editorial board wrote, in part: 
"We urge Democratic voters to nominate (Justin) Rodriguez, whose record at City Hall outshines [his opponent's]...Rodriguez, a lawyer...demonstrates a serious, detailed approach to the difficult issues facing the Legislature in 2013." 

Our campaign was also endorsed by the Texas Parent PAC, a bipartisan, pro-education organization.  The group released the following statement in its official endorsement: 

"Justin Rodriguez will join the new generation of lawmakers who will stand up for Texas children and families at the state Capitol.  Justin understands that for Texas to be a prosperous state now and in the future, there must be top-notch public schools in every community in every Texas town and city." 

Momentum can be a tricky thing.  Elusive, even.  But when you've found it - or it's found you - there is no mistaking it! 

If you ever considered getting involved, now is the time.  Help us cross the finish line on May 29th... 
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