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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Walker Report finally hits the half million mark today!!!

At midnight yesterday we were 104 hits shy of half a million. Sometime in the middle of the night we surpassed the 500,000 mark! As of this moment we have passed it by over a hundred. What can we say? We did it!!!!!!!

So now that we have reached a milestone, we must continue on and look to pass the million hit mark. It will take some time, but time we have. Thank you to everyone who checks out the Walker Report on a daily basis. We will continue to cover Bexar County and then some.

We are now into the next cycle of election fever. Candidates (both Republican & Democrat) send in your information on your campaigns. Remember we are an equal opportunity information giver. We stay neutral and stay fair and balanced as best we can.

Don't forget we cover everything else in the county. We are not just a political blog but a community blog that covers anyone and anything.

Thanks again and keep on viewing us on a daily basis. We have been known on occaison to break news that the media missed. Get it here.

Steve Walker
Walker Report Publisher

1 comment:

Diane Duesterhoeft said...

Congratulations on hitting this milestone!

Perhaps more people would send information to the blog if an email address or other form of communication were very clearly and visibly posted on the blog. I've never found it.

I appreciate that the blog does post most information it receives, but I felt I had to go through a number of sources to get an email address to send information to in the past.

I understand a concern about potential spam, but there are several methods that can be used to reduce spam generated from a web site or blog.

Thank you again for your willingness to post community events on the site.