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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Candidate Lawrence Morales hosts successful fundraiser, 7-14

L-R: Judical candidate Lawrence Morales & his wife, with judicial candidate Tina Torres, with his son, Lawrence, former Judge Roy Barrera & son, Roy, Christine Del Prado, Jeff Vela, Regina Shattles, former SA Bar Association President Lamont Jefferson, judicial candidates Rebeca Martinez, Tina Torres, Norma Gonzalez & Ina Castillo, Bexar County District Clerk Margaret Montemayor, Andrew Ramon, former Sec. of State Roy Barrera Sr., Political Consultant JoAnn Ramon, GTO Advertising Graphic Artist Michael Garcia, GTO CEO Alice Guerra, Bexar County Democratic Party Chair Carla Vela, Bexar County Republican Party Chair Richard Langois, Justices Marialyn Barnard & Sandy Bryan Marion, Lawrence Morales family

Judicial candidate Lawrence Morales drew a huge crowd to his fundraiser @ Giraud Club, Tuesday, July 14th.

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