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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Michael Williams for US Senate Committee fundraising

Michael Williams (photo) for U.S. Senate Committee fundraising facts

Since declaring his candidacy for the United States Senate in December, 2008 Michael Williams has built a strong campaign for the seat currently held by Senator Hutchison (who has indicated she may resign this year.) The candidate with the largest grassroots network of support, Williams offers Texas voters a campaign built on consistent and courageous conservatism.

No candidate in this race has a deeper commitment to cutting spending, reforming the tax code, improving education and creating jobs and opportunity. And Texans are responding to Michael’s message, putting their money where their mouth is. Consider the following fundraising facts about Michael’s campaign:

* $432,000 raised to date
* $92,000 raised online
* $266 average gift
* Contributions from 111 counties in Texas
* Contributions from all 50 states

The historic nature of Michael’s candidacy is reflected by the fact that people from every state in the union have taken note of Michael’s message and donated to his campaign.

They know Michael has the right message and experience to turn the tide on the Pelosi-Reid Congress. A former local prosecutor, a former Department of Justice attorney, a high-level official in George H.W. Bush’s Department of Education, and a leading energy regulator elected statewide three times, only Michael Williams is prepared to do battle with the Democrats in Congress on the economy, education, the environment, energy and the disastrous carbon cap and trade proposal.

Because Texas voters haven’t elected a Democrat statewide since 1994, two Democrat candidates are padding their campaign accounts by raising money for both the impending Special Election, and the 2012 General Election (when the seat would normally be on the ballot without a vacancy.) That means they are raising as much as $4,800 per person. However, funds raised in excess of $2,400 per person cannot be spent in a Special Election.

Every dollar our campaign raises can be spent in a Special Election. Commissioner Williams doesn’t need to raise the most money, he simply needs to raise enough money to get his message out. He is the one conservative who can rally Republicans behind the cause of limited government and unlimited opportunity.
To all of those who have contributed to Michael Williams' campaign for U.S. Senate, we say 'thank you.'


Corbin Casteel
Campaign Manager

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