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Monday, May 16, 2016

Veteran Roger Kramer's trip to revisit Viet Nam over 40 years later

Viet Nam Veteran Roger Kramer posing with Vietnamese soldiers  on his return trip to Viet Nam

In his own words: "Vietnam last day in country. We left our Saigon hotel and traveled to the Cu Chi Tunnels. This area was a major underground headquarters for the Viet Cong fighters who were attacking the areas northwest of Saigon. It was attacked from the air and on the ground throughout the war. 

"It was designed and defended very well by the VC. It is now a major tourist attraction. After our tour we went to a land holders home for lunch and were joined by three veterans of the war. They were... all officers in the VC, two of them stayed in the military and retired as field grade officers in the North Vietnam Army. 

"This was the last group of VC or NVA fighters I shared wine and conversations with. We all felt it was time to be friends and get on with our lives. We all expressed our feelings that we did what we thought was right; but, as we aged we came to realize we probably could have come to some agreement without waging war. Some veterans I shared lunch and wisdom with."

Retired Educator Roger Kramer taught at McCollum High School in Harlandale ISD with Viet Nam Veteran (70-71) Walker Report Editor & former Judge Steve Walker, in the 90s.

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