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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations from the "Wu" to JP2 Steve Walker

The "Wu" (photo)
Longtime Walker suporter

Congratulations to Justice of the Peace-Elect, Pct. 2 Steve Walker for successfully winning the bench for a four year term. As a longtime supporter, I would admonish you to remember where you came from and don't forget your core values.

Do what is morally right, follow the law, and stand on those principles you articulated during your campaign. You are there to redirect and refocus teenagers back to the classroom, off the streets and out of harm's way.

Beware of those who suddenly pop up out of nowhere proclaiming their undying suppport who you haven't been in contact with in ages. I would remind you that if they were your friend before, most likely they will still be your friend now. Be diligent, treat everyone with respect, and you will do fine.

As one who has been there from the start, remember the adage, "a dog is man's best friend." I lift my leg to you and say, "congratulations on a campaign well done."

The "Wu"
a.k.a. "Wu Wu Jones"

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