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Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving greetings from All Saints Anglican Church

Rev. Chip Harper (photo)
Thanksgiving greetings, all!

Here’s a resume for a young man in our congregation, new to our area, who truly wants to work—and could benefit by some help networking for employment.

Since this is the season to “give back,” and,
Scripture teaches us we are do more than just wish someone well—instead, taking practical measures to help--I thought I’d send his request along to ask your engagement. To that end, then, I’d request you prayerfully look over his qualifications and reply to him and/or network, as you are led. What an excellent way to express our thanks to our Heavenly Father, who has blessed us all.

On a side note,
we are worshipping together on Thanksgiving Eve at 7—an excellent beginning to our national holiday—rendering thanks to the Him who provides so well for us all.

Grace and peace,

Rev. CB "Chip" Harper
Rector, All Saints Anglican Church ( CANA )
11122 Link Dr.
San Antonio, TX 78213
(210) 344-1920

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