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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Three Flags-Honor-Duty-Country press conference- July 3rd

Lourdes Galvan (photo)
Distrrict 5 Councilwoman

Press Conference
Thursday, July 3rd, 9:30 a.m
Elmendorf Lake Park, 3700 W. Commerce

Three Flags – Honor, Duty, Country

Please join District 5 Councilwoman Lourdes Galvan and the Hispanic Veterans Memorial Committee in the unveiling of the Hispanic Veterans Memorial Project. The meeting will unveil the display of the project’s model and rendition by visionary artist Jesse Trevino and noted architect Gabriel Velasquez.

The purpose of the HVM is to pay tribute to the Hispanic community’s dedicated and courageous participation in our military through this unique monument. In addition, Councilwoman Galvan wants to promote community awareness and support of this meaningful project.

Participants are encouraged to meet at the crossing bridge within Elmendorf Lake Park crossing over to the island. We look forward to having you participate in this historic occasion for the people of San Antonio.

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