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Saturday, July 19, 2008

More on Defending the American Dream-Texas Summit

L-R: Former Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr. with Eddie Howser, Goldwater's book about his father Presidential candidate & Senator Barry Goldwater, Columnist Robert Novak, Bexar County Young Republicans President Monica Rojas, Americans For Prosperity Texas Executive Director Peggy Venable with honored guests & speakers, Kevin Price, Texans for Peace Chairman Charlie Jackson, Young Conservatives PR Director Laura Elizabeth Morales, Schuyler Crist, former State Rep. Heflin Talmadge, Robert Abraham, participants, dinner table, Walker Report Publisher & Bexar County Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2, Pl. 1 candidate & former Balcones heights Councilman Steve Walker, Summit poster

Hundreds of conservative bloggers converged on the Renaissance Hotel in Austin, Friday, July 18th to hear former Congressman Barry Goldwater Jr. & Columnist Robert Novak speak and attend day long seminars on how to effectively use technology into promoting the conservative agenda.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for what you do, and thanks for posting all these awesome photos! You took the time to get one without me blinking and I really appreciate that! What an awesome event, I hope people could hear past my passion when I spoke! I had to get stuff off my chest or I felt as if I would explode. I had an awesome time! Except for some of the speakers..wish that was at the end of the event and not at the beginning. I will be stating your blog our Radioshow tonight :) Hope you reference us in the future as well! Thanks again!


Kevin Price said...

It was great seeing you at Your coverage was, as usual, excellent. By the way, my wife can be found at I will be mentioning your coverage at the What's New Page at Houston Business Show website.