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Sunday, September 16, 2007

NHPO celeberates its one year anniversary

L-R: NHPO banner, Anais Biera, Danny Hermosillo, NHPO President Marcus Jasso, Porky Pig as himself, crowd, Hollywood look-alikes Elvira, (Mistress of the Night) Eva Longoria, (actress) Chakira, (singer) Fidel Castro, (Cuban Dictator) Elvira, (Mistress of the Night) John Travolta, (Saturday Night Fever) Johnny Rotten, (Heavy Medal singer) Calista Flockhart, (actress) Bruce Lee, (actor) Eva, Elvira, Shakira, Hollywood couple, club

The National Hispanic Professionl Organization celeberted its one year anniversay at the Suede Lounge, Friday, September 14th. Some members dressed in costumes representing Hollywood personalities and other famous people.

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