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Monday, September 17, 2007

Regal CANS Film Festival coming Sepember 27th

Regal CANS Film Festival - September 27th

Join Regal Entertainment Group in support of the San Antonio Food Bank on Thursday, September 27 for the CANS Film Festival. Simply bring your $3 donation or three cans of food and receive a FREE movie admission and a small popcorn!* All proceeds will directly benefit the San Antonio Food Bank.

Visit any of the following Regal Theatres on September 27th: Alamo Quarry 16, Live Oak 18, Cielo Vista 18, Northwoods 14, and Fiesta 16.

*At participating theatres. All shows except "no pass" attractions are eligible.
Contact: Andrea-Monreal-Christiansen at (210) 431-8310 for more details

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