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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Republican questions Bonilla's political tactics

James McGrody (photo)

By James McGrody
Plaintalk from the Texas Hill Country

Bonilla, Rodriguez and the Terrorists
On Tuesday, December 5th, I posted the following comment regarding the matter of Bonilla's comments vis-a-vis Rodriguez's judgement on terror related matters: " I do believe that this is a "wrong" move by Bonilla. It is too much of a stretch to link Rodriguez with terrorists."

On Wednesday, December 6th, Jamie Castillo, columnist for the San Antonio Express News, published his comments on this topic. Among other things he said: "But recent election results indicate that voters know where to draw the line between political hardball and over-the-top hysteria."

Although I have already voted for Henry Bonilla, I do want to publicly distance myself from this inappropriate election tactic emanating from the Bonilla Campaign. It is always fair to openly discuss candidates' positions on the issues, or, in this case, previous Congressional voting records; however, it is never fair to resort to "hysteria" and/or demagoguery!

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