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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Just a Thought: Passing of Icon Alice Guerra in La Prensa, 11-19

Just a Thought: Passing of Icon Alice Guerra
by Steve Walker

It is with sadness and great shock to my wife Linda and me, to hear that our longtime friend, Alice Guerra has passed away on Veterans Day, a day after she came home from the hospital. Unbelievable!

Having known her for well over 25 years, she apparently succumbed to her illness with her kidney failure which she suffered from for a number of years. When I talked to her months ago, she was very upbeat and alert. I had called her four or five times since but she was unable to talk on the phone.

She went to dialysis three times a week. When I did talk to her she would ask how I was doing and she would pray for me. She was that kind of Christian who was more worried about me than herself.

Besides working for her two different times at her agency, GTO Advertising on Mulberry to utilize my journalistic credentials, she was a great boss. She also taught me a lot about advertising.

We started the day with prayer which I never experienced in any other job! When I eventually ran for my first run for Justice of the Peace, she worked on my campaign as well getting me well connected with those who could make a difference in my run. She was able to get my fundraiser hosted at the home of Frank Herrera. That was awesome. Alice worked with Linda to “get it done.” Obviously that happened in 2008.

Later Linda and I participated in a Bible study conducted in that same office. As many as ten participants once a week, attended including her husband, Andrew, son Mark Trevino and his daughter Marcie.

Linda says, “Alice was a true friend and amazing Latina trailblazer. She overcame obstacles that might have caused other people to quit before they even started. I am proud to call this fantastic businesswoman my friend, and it is an honor to have had her in my life.”

In the 80s at North Star Mall, she booked Rock & Roll singer Jerry Lee Lewis. I watched from the 2nd floor looking down as he played the piano and singing his hit “Great Balls of Fire.” That is when I met her daughter Michelle Reynolds, who is very much like her mother, Alice.

Her children wrote on Facebook: “It is with great sadness that our family announces the passing of our spiritual leader and matriarch, Mary Alice Trevi├▒o Guerra. Mom was a devout Christian and warrior for the Lord, who was filled with the Holy Spirit at her church services every Sunday at Cornerstone.

She will be missed by all her friends and family. “

Verna Blackwell-Hilario: “As I remember all the things that Alice and I shared I came across this card that she made and designed for my family. She made my Christmas Open house invitations, she made my Birthday Invitations, she created so many cards for me but most of all she won the best campaign of her life.....She brought me to accept the Lord as my savior. She changed my life.”

Lenny Flynn: “I had the pleasure one day to chaperone Alice Guerra home. We had great conversation. As I escorted Alice to her front door I kept complimenting her front door because that this is exactly how I envisioned and wanted for my front door. She had a Red Door with a big Spurs wreath. May you, rest in peace, sweet Alice.”

Gabe Quintanilla Lenny’s brother noted: “It is with profound sadness that I share this news. Alice Guerra was a dear friend to me and to my entire family. She used to come over to my house and pray for my mother. I am in mourning today over her death. Please keep her and her family in your prayers.” Rest in Peace, San Antonio’s own, Alice Guerra.

Louis Escareno posted: “Alice was a life-long Democratic Party Activist and was a very successful businesswoman. She was a force of nature and the brains behind many successful political and advertising campaigns. My prayers for God’s peace and comfort are with Alice and for her wonderful family and her many, many, friends.”

Jorge Herrera:San Antonio lost a legend. Alice Guerra broke barriers as a leading Latina businesswoman with her marketing power. Alice created our firm's motto of Winning Isn't Luck. It is Knowing How to Fight. In the later years she was an integral part of our Toyota business ventures in her research and design work. Alice was a genius, friend, and mentor. You will forever be missed.”

Thank you for being a true friend Alice, from all your supporters.

As always what I write is “Just a Thought.”

Steve Walker is a Vietnam Veteran and former Justice of the Peace and Journalist

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