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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving to families including wife Linda's, 11-23

 Walker Report Publisher Linda Walker with sister Cindy Hutson, & her daughter Catey Jane Van Waes, Jeanie Tijerina, & Linda, other sister Sandy Grant with Daughter-in-law Caitlin Grant & daughter Hadley, son, Stephen Grant & sister Kelsey, Cindy Hutson's daughter-in law Lindsey Henninger & son, Sean Henniger, Sean's son Elias, Cindy's son-in-law Tony Van Wes, Cindy & grandson Elias & husband David Hutson, Stephen Grant & wife, Catlin & daughter Hadley, Walker Report Editor & former Judge Steve Walker, Sam & Jenetta, Holguin, Jeanie Tijerina & granddaughter Aria, Walker's dog Mijo Rico, guests & food, decorations, Family sign

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