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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Senatorial candidate David Alameel hosts dinner @ Estella's. 5-3

L-R: Senatorial candidate Dr. David Alameel with Placido Salazar, with supporter, with Connie Rodriguez & supporter, SA Post Publisher Ruben Espronceda, Theresa Rivers, Placido Salazar, former Nat'l LULAC President Rosa Rosales, husband, Dr. Rudy & son, Gabe Rosales, Tyrone Darden, Elia Mendoza, former HISD Board Member Tomas Uresti, Bexar County clerk candidate & Balcones Heights Mayor Suzanne Deleon, Jeannette Hernandez, judicial candidate John Bustamante, HISD Board President jay Alaniz, Connie Rodriguez, attendees, La Prensa Sunday edition of the column "Just a Thought" by Walker Report Editor & former Judge Steve Walker, La Prensa newspaper @ Estella's Mexican Restaurant

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