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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Texas State Democratic Convention to be held in SA, 2016

We are proud and happy to announce that the Texas State Democratic convention will be held in San Antonio in 2016. Having the convention in San Antonio will help us to get the rest of South Texas Excited to Vote! We are on a roll. We are more numerous, cheerful, witty and beautiful than the Republicans, we just have to get 50% of us out to vote State Wide.
  • At your convention there will be activities to organize the convention, elect officers and appoint convention committees.
  • The Convention performs its work through committees on Credentials, Rules, Nominations, and Resolutions with the Convention ratifying these committee reports.
  • After the initial organization, the attendees caucus by precinct groups and each precinct elects Delegates and Alternates to the State Convention.
  • Each precinct is allocated a delegate and alternate for each full 300 votes the precinct cast for the Democratic nominee for Governor in 2010.
  • Those precincts which had less than 300 votes cast are grouped together in clusters to allow these smaller precincts to elect delegates and alternates.
  • All unallocated Delegates and Alternates that are unfilled after the precinct caucuses are determined by a Nominations Committee and ratified by the County or Senatorial Convention.
  • The County and Senatorial Conventions adopt their reports and adopt resolutions that are forwarded to the State Democratic Convention and become the basis of developing our Party Platform. 

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