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Sunday, March 09, 2014

Libertarian Candidate Rhett Smith for Bexar County Judge

As the Libertarian candidate for County Judge of Bexar County, I promise to reduce government intrusion and increase personal liberty as I execute the office of Chairman of Commissioners Court. The County Judge represents ALL of the county, not just a part of it. Commissioners Court oversees all executive and administrative departments of the County Government, it is not a judicial court.

As a Libertarian how would I "run" the County ?

Libertarians believe that ALL Americans should be empowered with "freedom of choice." We believe that taxes and unnecessary regulations restrict your freedom of choice. I promise to work hard to eliminate unnecessary taxes, lower current taxes and eliminate unnecessary regulations. Vigilance and hard work on my part, as your County Judge, will result in an empowered citizenry, able to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

I will do my part and ask that you do yours - VOTE Libertarian !

Rhett Rosenquest Smith
Libertarian Candidate for Bexar County Judge

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