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Monday, October 10, 2011

Ian S. "Buddy Lovestock for Bexar County Sheriff

Ian S. “Buddy” Lovestock for Bexar County Sheriff

First, allow me to express my sincere appreciation to all of Bexar County for affording me this opportunity to pursue the office of Sheriff of Bexar County, Texas. I also would like to thank all who have encouraged and supported my vision for law enforcement effectiveness in our community.

My decision to seek the office of Sheriff originates with my sincere belief that the citizens of Bexar County deserve the very best service and protection that an agency can provide. I pledge to you, the citizens of Bexar County that I will operate the most fiscally resourceful, responsible and transparent Sheriff’s Office since the first Bexar County Sheriff, Joseph L. Hood maintained order on streets of San Antonio in the 1830s. It is time to return the “Office of the Sheriff” back to the people.

Now is the time to establish service that is second to none. As your Sheriff, my agency will support all community partners by establishing county-wide crime intervention and reduction initiatives. My challenge and my goal is to proactively and strategically address crime in our community with a firm and measured response that uproots criminal opportunity where it emerges and combats it where it exists.

As your next Bexar County Sheriff I will stand accountable to you by ensuring that all of my personnel – uniformed and civilian – exemplify professionalism worthy of your trust and execute their duties with competency, conviction, and always with compassion for all, especially those most vulnerable among us: our children, our elders and those with special needs
I further pledge that your Sheriff’s Office will offer public, on-line access to departmental expenditures, so that taxpayers can see how their hard-earned tax money is spent. In these uncertain economic times YOU, our partners in public safety, deserve far better than you have received with regard to service and accountability.

To you, the voters, I offer nearly four decades of analytical, administrative, organizational, managerial and active crime-fighting experience, born of a lifelong zeal for my profession. I will identify, promote or appoint professionals who display that same zest for public service and professionalism. My vision for your Sheriff’s Office begins and ends with your safety and security in mind and at heart; my personal mission as your Bexar County Sheriff will be to make that happen!

Honorable citizens of Bexar County, your time for next-generation law enforcement is Now! I ask for your valued consideration in both the March 6th 2012 Republican primary and in the November 6th 2012 general election. My name is Ian S. “Buddy” Lovestock – the Best candidate qualified to address the challenges of crime in Bexar County during these critical and tough economic times.

Sincerely, “Buddy” Lovestock

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