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Friday, March 18, 2011

Elena Guajardo seeks 2nd term as Councilwoman, Dist. 7

Elena's Passion for Advocacy Leads to a Second Term Run

My inquiry to run a second term began on the 4th of July weekend when District 7 community leaders expressed discontent to who might be running in the next election. As months passed, more phone calls and concerns from the community were received. While listening, I asked myself, "Who is going to answer their needs?"

I received calls from neighborhoods sharing negative stories about the city bond implementation and construction. As I researched answers regarding their concerns, the more engaged and upset I became about how the bond was manipulated and changed without public disclosure and accountability.

Some residents told me they would never vote for another bond because all trust was lost in the city for not complying with their votes. I remembered the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." With this in mind, I realized I had to run to shed light on the issues, tap into the community's silent anger and be an advocate for the people of District 7.

If you feel as strongly as I do about these issues, join my campaign today! Your contribution will ensure that I am the advocate for your concerns. I can make the changes you want a reality and make sure your tax dollars are accounted for properly.

Your generous contribution $10 or $20 can be made today by going to Then, click on the "We Need Your Help" tab. Together we will make San Antonio the best city it can be!

Elena's Strong Work Ethic Motivates Her Service

Being raised in the back living quarters of the family business, Guajardo's Grocery and Meat Market, I saw the pride and hard work my parents put in their business. Because of this, their work ethic has been most influential in my life.

Dad opened the store seven days a week and I worked alongside my parents until I attended college. While growing up, my brother, sister and I received a gift very few children get; a real view of how their parents make a living.

I witnessed the exhausting hours my parents put into the business and the highs and lows they experienced. Daily sacrifices were made to provide shelter, food and an education for each child. The best part of who I am comes from my parents, especially my dad, who passed away during my first term.

My motivation not only derives from a burning energy to serve the community, my love for policy and strength for debate, but stems from the strong work ethic of my parents.

I plan to author policy changes that will protect your tax dollars and take a hard stance on ethics reform. We've seen many stories over the past months about council members engaged in questions of ethics. The citizens of our great city deserve better.

My campaign is focused not only on the neighborhoods of District 7 but in creating a city government that will be fiscally responsible for all San Antonio citizens.

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