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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Contractors & former City Employees support Elena Guajardo

Three contractors and four former city executives, some who live in District 7, convened for a breakfast meeting with Elena at the Koffee Kup on Donaldson Avenue on March 29.

The group mostly discussed infrastructure projects and ways to implement improvements in the District. Some in the group were employed at the city while Elena was in office and recalled projects they worked on together. The group meeting with Elena was organized by former Director of Public Works Tom Wendorf.

Those in attendance included: Wade Benton (contractor), Jerry Ozuniga (contractor), Rose Ryan (former manager for City of S.A. Solid Waste and Recycling and classmate with Elena at Jefferson High), Edward Pape (contractor). Nancy Beward (former manager City Public Works), Andrew Cameron (former manager City Grant Monitoring and Administration), Elvie Olivarri (former employee City Public Works).

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