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Sunday, September 05, 2010

September 5th, a day for birthdays of people you just may know

L-R: Judge Laura Salinas with her one-year-old daughter, Isla, former Judge Oscar Kazen & wife, Singer Erica Gonzaba, Walker Report Publisher/Editor & Judge Steve Walker

September 5th is the day for birthdays of people you know in Bexar County to include: Judge Laura Salinas' daughter, Isla, (1-yr. old today) former Judge Oscar Kazen (40+) Puerto Rican American Idol finalist, Erica Gonzaba (25) & of course Walker Report Publisher/Editor & Judge Steve Walker. (64!!) And contrary to myth, the Walker Report did NOT cover President Abe Lincoln's 1st Inaugural!

Editor's Note: Famous people born on September 5th include: Jesse James (outlaw) Benedict Arnold (traitor) Bob Newhart (comedian) Carol Lawrence (singer from the 60s) Raquel Welch (actress & pinup bombshell ) actors William Devane & Michael Keaton, Cardinal Richelieu (not so nice) from the Renaissance era, & Movie Director Spike Lee's mother.

2nd Editor's Note: Mother Theresa passed away on September 5th, Black September is the date that Israeli athletes were massacred during the 72 Olympics in Munich. Judge Steve Walker was there at the Olympics when it happened & attended the memorial service with Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion speaking.

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