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Monday, September 20, 2010

LaHood vs. D.A. Reed, Comm. Adkisson vs. Pamerleau, 9-20

L-R: Da nominee Nico LaHood, DA Susan Reed, Commissioner Tommy Adkisson, Commissioner nominee Ret. 2-Star AF General Susan Pamerleau, Tommy Calvert, Judges Catherine Torres-Stahl, Gloria Saldana, Ernest Acevedo, Ron Rangel, Renee McElhaney, & Michael Lahood & wife, Norma, Veronica Gonzalez with judicial nominee Pamela Gabriel Craig, News-4 WOAI Reporter Demond Fernandez, William Shaw, Carolina Barrera & Jessica Cerda, Christizn Archer, Julie Marquez with Elgenio Rodriguez, Paul Torres with Joe Gonzales, Ernest Martinez, Mary Jane Martinez, Bexar County Clerk nominee Tim Ybarra, judicial nominees William Peche, Norma Gonzales, Melisa Skinner, Tina Torres, Rosie Gonzalez, Aida Rojas & Jason Wolff, attendees, flyer, brochure, sign

DA nominee Nico LaHood squared off against DA Susan Reed @ the Tool Yard for a District 10 Neighborhood Alliance meeting that also included: Pct. 4 Commmissioner Tommy Adkisson vs. Ret. 2-Star AF General Susan Pamerleau in a lively political forum.

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