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Sunday, September 19, 2010

More photos on local Repubs turning out @ Aggie Park, 9-19

L-R: Congressman Lamar Smith & judicial nominee Jason Pulliam, Congressional nominee Francisco "Quico Canseco with Loyette Schott, judicial nominee & former Judge Bill White, Congressional nominees Jim Underwood & Clayton Trotter with his daughter, SBOE Board Member Ken Mercer, Young Republicans Chair Weston Martinez, Pct. 3 Constable mark Vovovich, judicial nominee Scott Roberts, DA Susan Reed, Judges Janet Littlejohn, Sol Casseb & wife, Celeste, Steve Hilbig, & Sid Harle, Pct. 4 Commissioner nominee Ret. 2-Star AF General Susan Pamerleau, judicial nominees Richard Price, Walden Shelton, Wayne Christian, Jeannie Wright, Cathy Stryker, & Melisa Skinner, Judges David Berchelman, Lori Valenzuela, Renee McElhaney, Keith Baker, Marialyn Barnard, Sarah Garrahan, Sandy Bryan Marion, Laura Parker & Lisa Jarrett, & Karen & Ray Angelini, Hunter Altgelt, Gale Sayers, Alamo City Republican Women President Freida Wright, State Rep. nominee Michael Workman, Commissioner Kevin Wolff, & Bexar County Republican Party Chair Curt Nelson, Sandy Galvan, Julie "Mama Bexar" Oldham, Robert Colunga, James "Captain" Turner, Janelle MacArthur, cards, sign

More photos of local Republicans turning out @ Aggie Park to support nominees for the General Election, November 2d.

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